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This is the regular stuff that we just put up. Normally, we’d call it “Uncategorized”, but we call it “Nicsho Stuff”. Suck it FOX NEWS.


Due to unforseen circumstances, the video JR is a bad driver has been removed for porn. Sorry.

-Nic Schweitzer


Hello peoples!

Hi, its me, Nic! I have now abandoned my Webs account (I tried… so hard…), so now I’m moving everything over to here.

The list so far:

-Shop (75% done)

-Mp3’s (100%, get 911 call 1 here:

-Blog Roll (Constantly updating…)

Also, new videos are up:
Nicsho Shorts: J.R. is a Bad Driver:
Well, its pretty self explanatory… oh, and its ALL REAL! Thats right, were going reality, for… this one time…. unless you count this:

Nicsho Shorts: 911 Operator Edition.
So, guess what? HE’S BACK!!! And, angry… as usual… This isn’t an official video, because its just a quickie-update on his situation and his attitude… you decide on the change! (Hint: Barely any… ) I will keep this under Nicsho Shorts, so don’t get confused!

Thats all for now! More updates soon!

-Nic Schweitzer
LINKS: – 911 Call EP1 Mp3 Download

– Nicsho Shorts: J.R. is A Bad Driver

– Nicsho Shorts: 911 Operator Edition. – RANDOM LINK!!! WHERE DOES IT GO? WHO KNOWS? Ok, College Humor… BUT WHAT AT COLLEGE HUMOR?!!!


This was a triumph. I’m making a note here:

Huge sucess!

Its hard to overstate my satisfaction

-Nic Schweitzer


My name is Nic Schweitzer, and I am a Film Maker working in Boise, ID. I LOVE film & V.O.’s! LOVE. THEM! I’d like to be a director or writer, but at this point and combo works just fine.

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