Nicsho was founded sometime in 2002, but made official on May 15, 2008, because screw it, its Nic Schweitzer’s (The founder… Me) birthday.

The official story is Nic was making videos for fun with his buddy Connor Marquette and brother J.R. Schweitzer. They were OK. The first video done with their currently “Hi-Tech” camera (We got lucky) was a trilogy called “The Pop Explosion Series”, where Nic shook Shasta soda cans and sprayed himself in the face. After their moms saw the footage, they sensed a… acceptance. They thought it was good, well, funny, not “Good”. And, no, it wasn’t the “Its your mom, of course they like it”, they liked it because it was funny. They were proud, so they made another series “James Bob” a parody of both “James Bond” and Crew Member James Robert (J.R.) Schweitzer. Witty, eh?  That was our starting point, August 2002.



The Frosting F****r, Nic Schweitzer


So, in 2008, when Nic was in the 9th grade attending South Jr. High (Thats not a typo, you scholars, you…), he watched a video in Science class about people making explosions out of basic materials like sawdust into tubes. That video became this monstrosity:

Nic told his teacher he recreated the experiment and that it was posted on his YouTube page (YouTube.com/Nicsho). His classmates visited the page, and saw not only the video above, but other videos like “Cleaning Up South” (Below) or the 911 EP1.

They liked it, inspiring  him to make more. Thats when it went downhill.


DOTW was inspired by both Peer Pressure and when Bullies were relevant and a big part of life. Nic had people tell him that he should “Piss on the Jackasses” and create a show mocking bullies, and, through some events, DOTW was born. It went through 3 episodes: The first one targeted a kid named “Logan”, who made a bomb threat, a dumb thing to do, but he was open. The second was a pothead, “Ben”, the reason GOD gave us the pill. The third and final featured “Logan #2” and “James”. At that point, were not sure, but various reports point to “Logan #2”, Someone told the fuzz.

Nic was suspended for 2 days for causing emotional pain. On Wednesday, when he returned to school, he said “DOTW” was done and returned to Comedy, where he’s stayed since today.


As of May 7th, 2010, Nic has Written over 140 scripts, 63 put on YouTube (You can pick the best from the worst) and the rest hidden in his sock drawer, afraid to be stolen by Hollywood Thieves.

The original draft for the "Dishonorable Discharge" poster with the original Nicsho logo.

If you have any interest in advertising or video production, contact Nic Schweitzer at Schweitzer.Nicholas@Gmail.com.



Connor, Playing with some BuckyBalls.

Our Lovable Pyro, info to come soon.


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