Due to unforseen circumstances, the video JR is a bad driver has been removed for porn. Sorry.

-Nic Schweitzer


Hello peoples!

Hi, its me, Nic! I have now abandoned my Webs account (I tried… so hard…), so now I’m moving everything over to here.

The list so far:

-Shop (75% done)

-Mp3’s (100%, get 911 call 1 here:

-Blog Roll (Constantly updating…)

Also, new videos are up:
Nicsho Shorts: J.R. is a Bad Driver:
Well, its pretty self explanatory… oh, and its ALL REAL! Thats right, were going reality, for… this one time…. unless you count this:

Nicsho Shorts: 911 Operator Edition.
So, guess what? HE’S BACK!!! And, angry… as usual… This isn’t an official video, because its just a quickie-update on his situation and his attitude… you decide on the change! (Hint: Barely any… ) I will keep this under Nicsho Shorts, so don’t get confused!

Thats all for now! More updates soon!

-Nic Schweitzer
LINKS: – 911 Call EP1 Mp3 Download

– Nicsho Shorts: J.R. is A Bad Driver

– Nicsho Shorts: 911 Operator Edition. – RANDOM LINK!!! WHERE DOES IT GO? WHO KNOWS? Ok, College Humor… BUT WHAT AT COLLEGE HUMOR?!!!


This was a triumph. I’m making a note here:

Huge sucess!

Its hard to overstate my satisfaction

-Nic Schweitzer


My name is Nic Schweitzer, and I am a Film Maker working in Boise, ID. I LOVE film & V.O.’s! LOVE. THEM! I’d like to be a director or writer, but at this point and combo works just fine.

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